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Sennheiser Set 840-TV Amplifier Sennheiser Set 840-TV Amplifier Sennheiser Set 840-TV AmplifierSennheiser Set 840-TV Amplifier
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Sennheiser Set 840-TV Amplifier


When you are experiencing hearing loss, the television can become one of the most difficult things to hear. Instead of turning up the volume and irritating your family members, using a device like the Sennheiser Set 840 can help everyone in the room enjoy their experience. There are three different settings on the device so you can adjust it to your individual hearing needs, and the headset is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Unlike other devices intended for televisions, the Sennheiser Set 840 allows you to move freely throughout the room. In fact, you can move up to 100 feet away before the signal cuts off. The device uses strong radio signals and auto-tuning, so you get the best sound possible.

Price: $279.99

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