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Serene CentralAlert 360
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Serene CentralAlert 360


The Serene CentralAlert360 is a visual alert system that allows you to be aware of different sounds in your home. The system has a multitude of functions that help you feel comfortable, uninhibited, and secure.

The device comes with a powerful bed-shaker that uses vibrations to shake you awake instead of traditional alarm sounds. There is a second jack for another bed-shaker if supplementary power is needed.

In addition to its alarm clock functions, the system alerts you to everyday sounds such as a baby crying, weather warnings, or the doorbell/phone ringing. The alarm noise and brightness are customizable, and you can set them to the intensity that best suits your needs.

Optional accessories for the Serene CentralALert 360 include:

  • CA-RX Vibrating Remote Receiver
  • CA-AX Audio Alarm Sensor
  • CA-MX Motion Detector Transmitter
  • CA- DX Door Chime/Intercom/Knock Sensor
  • CA-CX Cell Phone Ringer Sensor
  • CA-LX Lamp Flasher
  • CA-SOS Button Transmitter

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