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Have You Ever Used Any of These Unusual Ear Products?




Some of these products on our list are fun, while others could actually be dangerous. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re strange!




Practice Owners Thrive with Exclusive Training from EarQ and Signia







Dallas Area Pro Football Players Benefit from Hearing Loss Research







Practices Thrive with Innovative EarQ Training at Starkey Headquarters







Independent Practices Thrive with EarQ at AudiologyNOW! Conference







NFLPA and EarQ Continue Hearing Loss Research with Former Football Players







How Are Your Ears Related to Balance?




Your ears do more than just let you hear, they also have a strong link with your body's sense of balance.




Oklahoma University Audiology Students Tap into Entrepreneurial Spirit




Oklahoma University invited members of EarQ to speak with audiology students about independent practice ownership and the future of hearing healthcare.




Danish Hearing Aid Giant Widex Joins EarQ to Give More Options to Independent Practice Owners




EarQ has selected Widex to be its fifth technology partner to further expand its product portfolio for independent practice owners nationwide.




NFLPA and EarQ to Launch Scholarship Program




During a pre-Super Bowl event, EarQ will join the NFLPA's Professional Athletes Foundation to announce a scholarship program for students with hearing loss




Starkey Hosts EarQ at its Biennial Hearing Expo




Starkey Hosts EarQ and Global Influencers for Industry-Changing Discussions at Its Biennial Hearing Loss Expo




Nearly invisible hearing devices




Hear better with confidence through our nearly invisible device options.




Sync your hearing aids to your life




Find smartphone compatible hearing aids that allow you to stream phone calls, music, and more from your phone to your hearing devices!




Rugged and Water Resistant Devices




If you live in a humid environment or have a very active lifestyle outdoors, these devices are for you.




The EarQ Family Hearing Plan




Does your insurance cover hearing aids? See what's available through your employer.




Stop the Ringing




Get tinnitus relief today.




Technology Options for Any Budget




Don't need all the bells and whistles? Check out our low-cost devices.




Hearing Education




Learn about how we hear, types of hearing loss, and more.




Hearing aids for kids




Find the perfect hearing solution for your child here.




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Step 1: Your hearing healthcare professional will review your medical history and ask questions to understand possible causes of your hearing difficulties.
First visit otoscope
Step 2: Causes such as excess earwax will be determined through an otoscopic exam. If these causes are ruled out, more comprehensive hearing tests will be performed to get precise information about the type and extent of your hearing loss.
First visit hearing aid options
Step 3: If hearing aids are the recommended solution, your professional will talk to you about your lifestyle and budget in order to help you choose the best devices for your needs. Be sure to ask your professional about a hearing aid trial so you can try before you buy!
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