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Communication for All: How People of All Ages Benefit from Better Hearing and Communication

Discover how people of all ages benefit from better hearing and communication.


Are These Toys Dangerous? Protect Against Hearing Loss this Holiday Season

22 popular children toys exceeded the appropriate noise level, discover how to protect against hearing loss this holiday season.


Going to a Football Game? Be Sure to Protect Your Hearing

With so much excitement, it can to be easy to overlook one important fact: football games are noisy and have the potential to damage your hearing.


Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids: What You Need to Know

In August 2017, a law was passed that allows FDA-regulated hearing aids to be sold over the counter instead of by a trained hearing healthcare professional.


Hearing Loss in the Workplace

60% of those affected by hearing loss are part of the American workforce, learn the steps both employees and employers can take to promote a healthier workplace


Hearing Loss in the Classroom: 6 Tips for Teachers

Discover 6 tips for teachers, back-to-school just around the corner, it is important to talk about an issue that is becoming increasingly prevalent in children


Cochlear Implants: When Hearing Aids Are Not Enough

Discover how people having limited success with hearing aids, have used cochlear implants to greatly improve their hearing experience.


Purple Heart Day: Honoring Our Soldiers

Discover the Purple Heart, the U.S. Military's oldest decoration, and it's history in recognizing the sacrifices made in the nation's wars.


Could Your Lifestyle Cause Hearing Loss? Find out!

By 2060, the amount of adults with hearing loss will nearly double. Which of these habits do you have that could be harming your hearing health?


8 Reasons to Try Hearing Aids for 30 Days

Did you know that hearing aids can provide life-changing benefits? Discover 8 reasons why you need to try hearing aids for 30 days.


Children with Hearing Loss: Back to School Tips for Parents

Is your child with hearing loss ready for an awesome school year? Discover 6 ways you can help them excel in the classroom.


Crazy Hearing Loss "Cures" People Have Tried

Discover these crazy hearing loss cures people have tried. Weird and Wacky, but which ones have you tried?


Hearing-Related Facts from All 50 States

Celebrate our great 50 states by checking out these interesting hearing-related facts from each! For example, which city is the quietest in all of the U.S.?


Alzheimer's & Hearing Loss: How Are They Related?

For National Alzheimer's Month (June), we present an exploration of the connection between the brain, the disease, hearing loss, and more.


Six Ways to Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month!

These tips can help you raise awareness for hearing and speech conditions, while also ensuring you and your family are communicating at your very best.


Noise Pollution: Just as Dangerous as Second Hand Smoke?

Noise-induced hearing loss has become a silent danger among Americans. Millions are exposed to it every day and may not be aware of its permanent consequences.


Celebrate World Hearing Day!

Think about it. When was the last time you had your ears checked? For many Americans, the answer to those questions is no. What can you do to change this?


The Next Generation of Athletes Share How They Excel with Better Hearing

Advocates like Grace and Jack continue to pave the way for other athletes with hearing loss. Read what advice that have for playing sports with hearing loss


6 Festive Tunes that Celebrate the Joyous Sounds of the Holiday Season

Holiday music has it all, but do you know which ones mention the sounds of the season? We made a list, but you should check it twice!


Turn Down the Volume! Toys to Avoid this Holiday Season

Some of 2016's most popular childrenís toys could reach dangerous volume levels. Keep their ears safe and know which toys to avoid this holiday season.


Five Sounds to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

EarQ staff shares the top five sounds of the Thanksgiving season and how the holidays can be improved by treating hearing loss and reconnecting to what matters.


What is the Number One Injury Among Veterans?

Too often our veterans come home with injuries we canít even see. 60% of those who serve have some form of hearing loss or tinnitus. How can we change this?


Celebrating a Five-Year Partnership with the NFLPA

For 5 years we have been spreading awareness, treating former players for hearing loss, and researching preventive measures. What else can happen in five years?


“I Want to Have People Running to Get Hearing Tests!”

Ingrid Vanderveldt, Founder and Chairman of Empowering a Billion Women by 2020, is thankful for the impact her hearings aids have had on her life.


Prioritize Hearing Health this Back-to-School Season

As a parent you always want to see your child succeed in school. Their hearing could be a factor into their academic success. Find out what you need to know!


These TV Characters Would Have Hearing Loss in Real Life

From Rick Grimes killing off zombies in the Walking Dead to the party lifestyle of Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother, there are plenty of examples.


Attending a Concert? Here's What You Should Know

Music lovers flock to venues every summer to see their favorite bands, but many donít know the risk of not protecting their ears at these loud concerts.


Have You Ever Used Any of These Unusual Ear Products?

Some of these products on our list are fun, while others could actually be dangerous. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re strange!


EarQ Launches First Intergalactic Hearing Healthcare Program

Today, April 1st, we're proud to announce a brand new EarQ program that aims to combat hearing loss across the galaxy!


How Are Your Ears Related to Balance?

Your ears do more than just let you hear, they also have a strong link with your body's sense of balance.


Are These Potentially Dangerous Toys Under Your Tree?

You want to get your kids everything on their wish list, but could some of those toys bring more harm than joy? Find out what to avoid this holiday season.


What Are the Main Parts of a Hearing Aid?

Knowing what makes up a hearing aid and how it functions, is important in understanding how these devices bring sounds back into your life.


6 Tips for Easy Hearing Aid Care

Hearing aid care is essential to keep your devices functioning properly for a long time. These tips can ensure you get the most out of your hearing aids.


The Silent Danger of High School Football

Football is a game of risk and reward, but how great are the risks? High school football concussion could be leaving students with long term health issues.


Which Hearing Aid Style is Best for You?

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles to fit everyone's life. From behind-the-ear to completely-in-the-canal, do you know which is best for you?


The Dangers of Electronics: 7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Kids' Ears

These tips can help you protect your children from noise-induced hearing loss by monitoring and controlling the volume they use on personal devices.


I'm Just a 24-Year-Old Guy Who Loves His Hearing Aid

David Michael Hahn's hearing aid is as important to him as his brain or his heart. He encourages others to never be embarrassed about taking steps to hear better.


6 Qualities People Who Treat Their Hearing Loss Share

The majority of people with hearing loss have not yet taken steps to correct it. However, those who have taken action all share certain characteristics.


The Trick to Making Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer

Hearing aid batteries usually last between three and seven days. Change them less often with these tips to help you extend their life as long as possible.


How Do Hearing Aids Help Manage Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can be disruptive and uncomfortable, but hearing aids can help make symptoms manageable, especially if they come with tinnitus therapy technology.


13 Quick Tips for Getting Used to Hearing Aids

When you first start wearing hearing aids, there's a short adjustment period. Use these tips and tricks to get used to your new devices quickly and easily.


How to Prevent Swimmer's Ear

Swimming is fun, but swimmer's ear is not. Taking these steps can make it easy to protect your ears from unwanted moisture and keep them infection-free.


Can Earwax Cause Hearing Loss?

Earwax can be a major factor in conductive hearing loss, but this is often preventable. Know when to clean your ears and which methods are safe to use.


Explained: Water Resistant vs. Waterproof Hearing Aids

What's the difference between water resistant and waterproof hearing aids? How do you know which option is right for you and your lifestyle needs?


Managing Tinnitus: Enjoy Life While You Wait for a Cure

Mari Quigley Miller, coordinator of a tinnitus support group in Orange County, California, tells her story and offers advice to others who have tinnitus.


Professionals Share What It's Like to Help People Hear

Hearing healthcare professionals can tell you what it's like to watch a person's world open up through better hearing. It's no wonder they love their job.


A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be conductive, sensorineural, or mixed. Learn how to prevent or respond to each type by understanding its causes and treatment options.


Find out why you need an annual hearing test

Even without signs of hearing loss, annual hearing tests are important. They let you monitor your hearing health and react appropriately to any changes.


7 Ways to Help Your Family Member Get a Hearing Test

If you know someone with hearing difficulties, it can be difficult to convince them to get a hearing test. Here are seven ideas to help guide the conversation.


A Complete Guide to Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is a growing and serious health concern. Take these steps to recognize risky situations and actively protect your hearing ability.


Can Hearing Aids Cause Hearing Loss?

Some people are concerned that hearing aids will make their hearing worse. Yet if they're fitted correctly, hearing aids are both safe and life-changing.


How to Prepare for Retirement the Smart Way

Planning for retirement's medical expenses be daunting, but it is possible and important to include the cost of hearing health in your retirement planning.


Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much?

Big box retailer, online, or private hearing healthcare professional? There are a lot of options to consider when purchasing hearing aids. Which is best?


What No One Tells You about Sports Arenas

Just minutes in a sports arena can exceed your daily limit of healthy noise. Fans, athletes, coaches, staff, and officials must all protect their hearing.


9 Ways to Protect Your Ears and Hearing Health

Taking good care of your ears helps you avoid injuries and noise exposure that could lead to hearing loss. Follow these 9 tips to keep them in great shape.


Your Ultimate Guide to the Latest Tinnitus News

Multiple parts of the brain may be involved in the cause of tinnitus. Read about this research and new solutions available for managing tinnitus symptoms.


Drive to the Basket: Hearing Loss Can't Block the Shot

Michael Lizarraga, Tamika Catchings, and Lance Allred are just a few basketball players with hearing loss who haven't let it get in the way of their dreams.


Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Are No Match for These Celebrities

There are many more celebrities with hearing loss and tinnitus than you might think. Learn about how they've conquered hearing loss and enjoyed success.


8 Tips to Make Your Next Vacation Amazing

Are you planning your next vacation or getaway? Check out these tips that can make your trip even better than you imagine, if you're adventurous enough.


4 Tips to Help Students with Hearing Loss

This list of tips helps teachers, administrators, and parents create or improve plans to incorporate classroom accommodations for students with hearing loss.


Hawkeye: the Hearing Health Hero

Hawkeye is a superhero in more ways than one; he stands out as one of the only comic book characters to wear hearing aids and show what hearing loss is like.


Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Wearers

If you're looking for gift ideas for hearing aid wearers, this list has a combination of fun, affordable, and practical items that make great gifts.


Newborn Hearing Screenings: Early Diagnosis, Early Acceptance, Early Success

Newborn hearing screenings help to detect hearing loss early, leading to adoption of hearing device solutions that ensure growth of learning and development.


My Journey with Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants

Nancy Chovancek shares her journey with hearing loss due to Meniere's disease and the recovery of sounds in her life after receiving Cochlear implants.


Superheroes with Enhanced Hearing

These three superheroes have the ability of enhanced hearing, and one of them uses the sense of hearing in a way that's both surprising and awesome.


Our Captioning Culture

Dr. Lauren E. Storck proposes the idea of a captioning culture that includes everyone from those with normal hearing to those with profound hearing loss.


Exercise Your Brain Just by Listening to Music

Music has been shown to have many health benefits for people of all ages, but what happens if someone has hearing difficulties and can't hear the music?


Literary Characters Who Change Our Perception of Hearing Loss

Literary characters with hearing difficulties who changed the reader's perception of hearing loss include John Singer, Linda Snopes, and Alice Guthries.


How to Talk to Kids about Hearing Loss

How can you ensure that your child's hearing health is a priority? Learn how to talk to and empower your child to take control for hearing loss prevention.


Wearable Tech: The Revenge of the Nerds

Wearable tech has long been associated with nerds, but today's Made for iPhone hearing aids are working to connect people with technology in healthy ways.


Workplace Diversity, Generationally Speaking: Part 2

Everyone in the workplace can benefit from better communication, and these tips will help people communicate with colleagues who have hearing loss.


Workplace Diversity, Generationally Speaking: Part 1

See how the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials approach the workplace with different styles, skills, and expectations.


Surprising Facts About the Five Senses!

Dolphins sleep with one eye open, cilia push out earwax, and catfish have around 100,000 taste buds. Learn more facts about the five senses!


Looking for a less stressful job? Try this one.

Discover the least stressful job. Learn about the benefits, responsibilities, work environment, and average salary of a winning career move for you.


Things You Didn't Know About Former U.S. Presidents

Which things do these three former U.S. presidents have in common? Find out fun facts about some of the most popular presidents in US history.


7 Television and Film Characters from a Different Perspective

Discover 7 television and film characters who give the audience a non-hearing perspective. Includes a classic from Neil Patrick Harris and the hobbit.


What Myths About Hearing Aids Do You Believe?

There are many myths and misperceptions about hearing aids that people believe. Learn more about the myths and how to positively approach hearing loss.


Creating Dreams: NFL Players Who Broke the Sound Barrier

Derrick Coleman and other NFL players have proven that determination and strength of character overshadow perceived disabilities and allow dreams to be reached.


Hearing Creatively: Six Crafts to Engage Students, Friends, and Family Members

We've compiled six craft ideas for speech-language pathologists, teachers, friends, and family members. Includes a hearing aid storage container project!


How Can Hearing Better Make You Feel Better?

Feeling excluded from social events? Can't hear what people are saying? Find out the signs, symptoms, and solutions for depression due to hearing loss.


Seven Famous People with Hearing Loss

People with hearing loss include Bill Clinton, Rob Lowe, and Danny Elfman. Find out who else is on the list along with a fun fact about each person.


Noisy Toys and Hearing Loss - What You Need to Know

Some noisy toys have dangerous decibel levels that greatly increase hearing loss in children. Find out what noisy toys made the list for 2013.


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