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Leading in the hearing healthcare industry, EarQ has two distinct roles. First, we provide business and marketing solutions for our members who are independent hearing care professionals looking to strengthen and grow their practices. Second, we are the connection between the 48 million Americans in need of hearing care and the professionals who are able to help them. We accomplish this through innovative programs and resources that drive patients to our member locations.

We seek employees who are energetic, organized, great at building relationships, and eager to grow professionally. If you wish to work in a positive, fun, and fast-paced environment, EarQ could be the perfect fit for you.

We are proud of our great company culture and each day we strive to provide our employees with opportunities for growth and a fulfilling career experience.

About Our Departments

EarQ Careers - Sales

The front line of our organization, our sales team works directly with our members to provide support and grow their practices more than any other support network. With business advisors across the country, we can be sure that we are reaching current and prospective members and offering them the tools that will help them lead the way in hearing healthcare.

EarQ jobs marketing

EarQ's marketing department works closely with every member to create more sales opportunities, and ensures the patient enjoys a seamless experience on their path to better hearing. Our team has expertise in the areas of marketing consulting, web development, SEO, copywriting, brand marketing, and digital and print advertising, to name a few. The culmination of this experience results in quality connections between individuals in need of hearing care and those who can help them.

Careers at EarQ operations

Our operations team works to facilitate processes and systems, while always keeping our purpose front and center. This commitment allows each department to work simultaneously and effectively toward the common goal.

What We Offer

EarQ offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package including:

  • • Medical
  • • Dental
  • • Vision
  • • 401k with employer match
  • • Paid holidays
  • • Paid vacation

EarQ Words to Live By

The EarQ Worlds to Live By define our company culture and outline how we operate as a high-performance team. By aligning our values and agreeing to a set of principles, we can best serve those in need of hearing care, our valued members, and of course, each other.

There's no “I” in EarQ.

And there's not one in team either. We believe that the team is more important than the individual. We are certain that the only way to succeed is together. We believe in the power of We.

Meetings are for meeting.

Not texting. Not emailing. Not dreaming. Meetings are for engaging, connecting and communicating. Meeting time is productive time. EarQ meetings start on time with an agenda, purpose and outcome.

Our minds are open and so are our doors.

The EarQ open door policy is more than a policy. It's an invitation to talk, to question, to ideate and connect. With open minds and open doors we show that we're open to the ideas, concerns and contributions of our talented colleagues and emerging leaders.

We're upfront, and we have each other's backs.

We tell it like it is, with respect. Open, honest and direct can sting, and may leave a mark. But it's a true sign of respect. We won't always totally agree with one another, but we will get at least 80% aligned. And when we leave that room we are 100% committed and have each other's backs, always.

Accountability. It's personal.

We strive to earn each other's trust every day. We follow through on our commitments to one another and do everything we can to deliver at the highest level. Being accountable, though, doesn't mean saying “my bad” or “that's on me” every time something falls short. It means being personally and passionately committed to improving the next time; to not letting it happen again.

Work hard. Have fun.

The EarQ vision requires hard work to succeed. Nothing worth fighting for is ever easy, but disrupting the industry is our duty and we do it for the patients. They're counting on us. And when we deliver we will have changed the face of hearing health care. And it doesn't get much more fun than that!




What Are EarQ Employees Saying?

Read below for a few quotes from EarQ staff members.

"EarQ rewards hard work and a commitment to the cause: connecting the most people with better hearing that we can. Leadership identifies and rewards those who work hard and go the extra mile. It is a culture fostered in positive competitiveness, which makes every day new and fun. It's a great place to be, especially for those that might just be entering the work-force."

~ Adam Cesarini, Digital Media Specialist

Handshake, career interview

At EarQ, we are dedicated to creating a culture of success. Apply today to join our team, and see where EarQ can take you next.

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