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The hearing aid that is right for you will depend on a number of factors including your type of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences. These small pieces of technology have evolved significantly over the years, and can provide a clearer and more natural listening experience than ever before. In fact, most hearing losses can be treated with today's hearing aids. Here, you can learn more about different hearing aid brands, styles, and accessories. For more information, make an appointment with your EarQ provider today.

Hearing Aid Styles

Depending on your personal preferences and hearing needs, today's hearing aids come in a wide variety of styles. Of course, the best hearing aids for you will be based largely on your hearing range, determined by the local EarQ hearing aid provider near you.

EarQ BTE Hearing Aid


As the name suggests, BTE hearing aids are designed to rest comfortably behind your ear. A small, clear, plastic tube transfers sound from the device to a tiny speaker or custom ear mold that sits in your ear canal.

EarQ RIC Hearing Aid


RIC hearing aids also rest behind your ear, but their sound receivers sit within your ear canal instead of inside the device unit. The part behind your ear just contains the technology that processes the sounds.

EarQ ITE Hearing Aid


ITE hearing aids are designed to rest completely inside your outer ear. To ensure the devices are a perfect fit, your hearing healthcare professional will take a mold of your ear.

EarQ ITE Hearing Aid


ITC hearing aids sit almost completely inside your ear canal and are designed to be less noticeable than other styles. Similar to ITE hearing aids, ITC devices are created using a custom mold of your ear canal.

EarQ CIC Hearing Aid


Extremely small, CIC hearing aids are comfortably molded to sit fully inside your ear canal, making them invisible to others.

Technology & Features

Tinnitus Therapy
Smartphone Compatibility
Water Resistance
Nearly Invisible
For Children
Tinnitus relief

Tinnitus, a perception of sound in the ears and/or head, affects more than 50 million Americans. It commonly presents as a ringing, buzzing, or whooshing noise; however, the sound and pitch varies from person to person. Tinnitus typically occurs after exposure to loud noises and damage to the ear's hair cells. Some people experience persistent tinnitus, for which there is no cure.

While there is no known cure for tinnitus, some hearing aids have tinnitus therapy features. This advanced technology provides soothing tones and enhances speech to distract your brain from the noise. It's time to stop the ringing in your ears. See EarQ's selection of tinnitus therapy hearing aids.

A few EarQ hearing aids with this feature include:

Hearing aids smartphone app

Hearing aids are keeping up with the rest of the world's technology. Some hearing aids are even made-for-iPhone or Android and allow you to stream phone calls, videos, music, and more directly from your smartphone to your devices!

Smartphone compatible hearing aids allow you to adjust things such as volume levels conveniently through your phone. This creates more seamless transition in different environments and helps you feel confident when you are on the go.

A few EarQ hearing aids with this feature include:

Runner with hearing aids

If you have an active lifestyle, your hearing aids go through a lot. It is important to keep the internal components safe from dirt, sweat, and more. While there are currently no waterproof hearing aids on the market, water resistant hearing aids are made to withstand low moisture levels while maintaining optimal performance. This feature is also good for those who live in humid environments.

A few EarQ hearing aids with this feature include:

Nearly Invisible Hearing Aids

Want discreet hearing aids? Our nearly invisible hearing aids fit comfortably inside your ear canal, so you can enjoy the benefits of better hearing without having a device fit on the outside of your ear. This means you can still wear headphones comfortably and do the activities you love without worrying about losing your devices.

A few EarQ hearing aids with this feature include:

Hearing aids and camping

Enjoy battery-free hearing with EarQ's rechargeable hearing aids. These devices typically use small and portable charging stations, so you'll save money on hearing aid batteries. If you have an on-the-go lifestyle or have trouble changing small batteries, these devices could be the perfect fit for you.

A few EarQ hearing aids with this feature include:

Hearing aids for kids

Hearing aids are not one-size-fits-all, which is why EarQ has a collection of hearing aids made for children. These devices can keep up with a child's active lifestyle and come in a variety of styles and colors. They are also able to connect to an FM systems, which are commonly used to help children hear their teachers in the classroom. Whether they are playing sports or connecting with friends, EarQ hearing aids will allow your child to hear the sounds they need.

A few EarQ hearing aids for kids include the following:

The EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty

Once you invest in a hearing aid, you will want to protect them and allow them to last. Hearing aids are complex pieces of technology that are worn on your body. This means they are frequently exposed to things like sweat and earwax, which can affect the performance and life of your devices if not properly cared for. The Secure Warranty covers routine maintenance for four years, so you can ensure you are getting the most out of your devices.

More Info


Learn More about Hearing Aids

At EarQ, we believe it's important to educate you on your hearing aids and offer the answers to any questions you may have. For example, how do you take care of your hearing aids? Why do hearing aids cost so much? These answers and more can be found in our blog. Check it out!

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The EarQ Brand vs. Other Hearing Aid Brands

There are many different hearing aid brands, and each manufacturer is different. Our comparison charts give you a look at EarQ, Starkey, Phonak, Signia/Siemens, Beltone, NuEar, Oticon, ReSound, and other devices! See these hearing aids compared side by side and find the best brand of hearing aids for you.

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