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Hearing Aids for Kids

hearing aids for children

Hearing loss is incredibly common in children. In fact, two or three out of every 1,000 newborns in the United States is born with hearing loss. It’s important to recognize the signs of hearing loss in your child early in order to be proactive with speech comprehension or learning and development. Many times, children can manage their hearing loss with hearing aids. These devices are designed to enhance sound quality and speech processing, to help your child hear their best. In some cases, a cochlear implant may be suggested. The sooner you treat your child’s hearing loss with hearing aids the more successful they will be at home and in the classroom.

Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles for different levels of hearing loss. There are many hearing aids specifically designed for children that are small in size and can help with even the most severe cases of hearing loss.

One of the best styles of hearing aids for children is a BTE (behind-the-ear) model. BTE hearing aids rest behind the ear and offer a more secure fit. These are best for young children and for kids who are active. As your child grows, their ears will change in size. With a BTE hearing aid you won’t have to replace the actual hearing aid, you will only need to have new ear molds created to fit your child’s growing ears every couple of years.

Pediatric Hearing Aids

Many manufacturers offer hearing aids specifically designed for children. Some hearing aids are not explicitly designed for children, but they can be custom made to fit the size and shape of your child’s ear. Some manufacturers (such as Oticon, ReSound, and Widex) offer specific pediatric hearing aids that are small in size and offer the necessary assistance for helping your child.

Some of the most popular hearing aids for children include:

  • Oticon Opn Play
  • Oticon Xceed Play
  • ReSound Up Smart
  • Widex Baby

If you suspect your child has hearing loss, it’s important to have them tested as soon as possible. Hearing aids can help improve your child’s language development and will also help them better understand the world around them. Visiting a pediatric audiologist is a great way to ensure your child receives the best care possible. A pediatric audiologist will be able to identify any hearing loss and recommend a pair of hearing aids that will help your child with their individual hearing needs.

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