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With approximately 36 million American adults affected by some degree of hearing loss, it's paramount that those affected as well as caretakers and family members learn more about ear health, conditions of the ear, and hearing loss solutions. The sections below explain all things related to hearing health from how the ear works to what hearing conditions can occur and how hearing aids work to treat hearing loss conditions.

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Hearing Conditions

There are different types of hearing conditions that can affect a person.


For Physicians

What do physicians need to know about hearing loss?


18 Key Hearing Terms

Defining terms that relate to hearing loss, hearing aids, and hearing health.


Hearing Loss Professionals

Based on an individual's needs and goals, there are hearing care professionals who have expertise with ear and hearing health. Learn more about how these hearing health specialists can help someone with treatment options and preventative measures.


Anatomy of the Ear

Understand how your ears and hearing ability affect your body.


Associated Conditions

Did you know that many serious health conditions are linked to untreated hearing loss? 10 conditions, including obesity, are explained in more detail here.



Learn about decibels, including a definition, why they're important, and what sound levels are dangerous for our hearing.


Tips for Family

Hearing aid & Hearing FAQs for Friends & Family members


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