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Your Local Hearing Specialist

EarQ works with hearing specialists across the country to bring you better care—wherever you are! EarQ providers are independently owned, and are committed to individualized patient care. Whether you want to schedule a hearing test, learn more about the best hearing aids, or ask questions about your ear health, your local hearing specialist can help.

Why go to a hearing specialist instead of your primary care doctor? Hearing specialists are trained primarily in ear care and are very knowledgeable about different kinds of hearing aids and other hearing solutions. Many primary care physicians do not include a hearing test in a routine physical exam. Your local hearing specialist will be able to complete an audiogram, which will indicate what sounds you are having a hard time hearing, and find the best solution for your particular need and type of hearing loss.

When to Make a Hearing Appointment

It’s important to schedule regular appointments with your hearing specialist—just like you would make your dental cleanings or eye exams. For most people, it is recommended that you get an annual hearing test; however, depending on your history with your ears and hearing, you may want to get a hearing test administered more frequently.

There are many signs that it’s time to schedule a hearing test, and some are more obvious than others. If it sounds like people are mumbling, you have trouble hearing in crowded areas, and you like the TV to be turned up louder than most people, those are a few indicators.

Often times, family members are the first to notice their loved one’s hearing loss. If you notice your friend or family member is asking, “what?” a lot, or not responding to your voice or other sounds in their environment, it is probably time to bring them in to see a hearing specialist.