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About the Practice

At Helping U Hear, we are dedicated to helping you experience a happier life with better hearing. Hearing is an essential part of how you communicate with your loved ones, and when you can't hear properly you miss out on important moments.

Audiologist, Dr. Sandra Hobson, has first-hand experience with hearing loss. Because of her experience with hearing loss, Dr. Hobson is able to better help you understand your hearing loss and manage it with hearing aids. Trust your hearing care with someone who understands, and come see us at Helping U Hear.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Pediatric Services
Hearing Aid Repair
Ear Wax Removal
Home Visits

Meet Sandra Hobson

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Dr. Hobson has had severe hearing loss since she was 2 years old. After being followed by the Iowa Crippled Children's Clinics and fit with a hearing aid as a child, she immediately knew she wanted to pursue a career in audiology. Dr. Hobson went through extensive training at the University of Iowa, was one of the first licensed audiologist in Iowa, and has independently owned and operated Helping U Hear for over 27 years. Dr. Hobson is heavily involved in various community service programs. She has dedicated her time to helping those with hearing loss. Dr. Hobson has experience as an educational audiologist, observed several surgical procedures at ENT practices, taught medical students, was an international speaker at several conferences, and helped develop a police training video as well as one for caregivers.

Dr. Hobson has been an incredible advocate for the deaf community. She has donated hearing aid batteries to various schools and programs, participates in Cell Phones for Soldiers, gives donations to the Lions Club's Sight and Hearing Foundation, and sponsored the “ABC5WeAreIowa” news captioning. Dr. Hobson's extensive work in her community and at Helping U Hear has demonstrated her dedication to helping everyone hear better.


"H.U.H. staff is the best!"

~ Ruth S.

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"I went in for a hearing test and Dr Hobson explained the hearing loss i had was great amount of loss. She asked if i had any question and i told her i had alot of trouble hearing peolle on the phone and she asked if i had a ipod and i said no so she filled out a paper for me to get a free ipod that also can be used as a phone that can be used that the people i would be talking with can come up in words that i can read over hearing what they r saying. Her receptionist and other employees r very friendly and i feel goes out of there way to help u. Anyone needing a place to get there hearing check i would highly recommend Dr Hobsons office to anyone. She does accept almost all insurances which is not easy to find a place to get hearing aids."

~ Jolene G.

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"They aim to please! Dr. Hobson's staff is on point."

~ Ruth S.

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"Love working & advocating for those like me with hearing loss. Working on a new project involving audiologic care when diabetes is involved.; Teamwork with other professionals to care for the whole person: pharmacy, podiatry, optometry, nutrition, dentistry,and others."

~ Sandra H.

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"Awesome technician on staff, was ready to fix minor repairs while having supplies/accessories immediately on hand. Although a little far, I WILL be coming here from now for my hearing aid maintenance!"

~ Fallen &.

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"My husband and I appreciate so much the care and knowledge of Dr. Hobson. We have recommended her to a number of people and will continue to do so. Grateful to her for understanding of the stress of hearing loss."

~ Sue F.

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"Outstanding professional who's heart is in changing the lives of the hearing impaired for the better!"

~ Max S.

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"Dr. Sandra Hobson is fantastic. She was committed to making sure I got the right type of hearing aids while staying within my budget. And she makes sure I understand how to operate them. I'm so happy with my new hearing aids and definitely recommend this place."

~ Granny A.

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"Dr. Hobson was very helpful and patient. Answered all my questions and sent me home with hearing aids to try. I definitely recommend her services."

~ Marilyn P.

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"Dr Hobson did great on what hearing aids to get last yr and did a great job. Thank you"

~ Michael D.

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"I love Dr Hobson. She is one of the most compassionate and personable people I know; truly listens to her patience and has gone above and beyond to help those who need her expertise. She has been a blessing to my life."

~ Saundra M.

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"Sandra Hobson is a great audiologist and she TOTALLY understands your needs when selecting a hearing aid! Wonderful front office staff and service. Great warranties on products. You won't be disappointed!"

~ Jennifer G.

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"Got my aids and now the world is much louder and once im used to them ill be ecstatic"

~ Eric W.

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"Great and helpful people, great and affordable service. Wonderful place!"

~ Edina M.

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"Good people here!"

~ Rick N.

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"So personable and caring!"

~ Rebecca K.

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