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3022 Merrick Road
Wantagh, NY 11793

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About the Practice

At Mid Island Audiology, we give you the same excellent level of care we would want for ourselves and our own families. We put utmost care into everything we do, including diagnosing hearing loss, recommending solutions, and fitting advanced hearing aids that will make a difference in your life. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond what you might expect from a typical healthcare appointment. We really, truly listen to you and work with you to find solutions for your hearing. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident making decisions about your own hearing. We guide you through the process, but the final decision is yours, as it should be.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Tinnitus Treatment
Hearing Aid Repair
Cochlear Implants
Ear Wax Removal
Home Visits

Meet Thomas Recher

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I received my doctorate of Audiology through Hofstra University's Long Island Audiology Consortium (affiliated with Adelphi & St. John's University). My clinical knowledge was expanded through a variety of settings including a large hospital in Brooklyn, New York. This rotation taught me how to lead patients of all ages through the discovery and remediation process for hearing loss through a unique diagnostic and counseling process. I also had the opportunity to assist a team of ENT physicians through the diagnostic and fitting process for candidates of cochlear implantation. In addition, I had the opportunity to educate hundreds of patients a week about the importance of hearing healthcare through the hospital's screening program. In addition to my studies, I completed a research proposal during my studies that examined the causation of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and the associations it may or may not have with the brain.

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"Dr. Recher, thank you for going out of your way to help me in an emergency situation and also being super patience. Prior to seeing Dr. Recher, I did shop around audiologist due to the fact I felt like I was a dollar sign rather than a patient. Dr. Recher took me seriously and helped me to understand my hearing, how i like to hear, and what i need to hear. I have seen 30 years worth of audiologist across the east of u.s.a., and he is definitely my top favorite"

~ Ariel S.

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"Great Service"

~ Slick C.

Review left on Google

"Awesome amazing Dr Thomas Recher💯 he is good guy and good heart 👍"

~ Wendy C.

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"I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Recher. He is extremely kind and compassionate. He explained each step of the process to me in an easy to understand, and patient manner. Because of him, I was able to enjoy a large family gathering with my hearing completely in tact. For those with hearing loss seeking a solution, I couldn't recommend anyone better. Thank you Dr. Recher, you are a true professional and an asset in your field."

~ John M.

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"Dr. Recher was friendly, prompt and extremely helpful. I was very impressed."

~ Deborah M.

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"From the bottom of my heart, I would like to Thank Dr Thomas for his outstanding services he provided. He is a great audiologist, very professional and caring. He sought the best for his patients and also a great good advisor. I feel very comfortable with him. He listens and understand and try his very best to make you feel comfortable and completed with his services. I would definitely recommend anyone to him. He is a great help. I am proud to be a patient at mid island."

~ Sally S.

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"Dr. Thomas Recher was extremely professional. Excellent service for your hearing needs. Explains everything to you in detail with pictures and graphs. Highly recommended!"

~ Aaron B.

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"I love Dr. Recher. He goes above and beyond excellent audiology services, with great attention to detail and a sincere, caring disposition. He took his time wth me, explained EVERYTHING at great length, answered all my questions, and made sure I was comfortably knowledgeable before walking out of his office. A genuinely nice guy and best audiologist I ever visited (and I have seen a few). I even fly in from out of state to see him; yes, he's that good. "

~ Barbara D.

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"i brought my mother in law here for hearing aid, she have knee problems and couldn't go downstairs, Dr Tom brought all his equipment up stairs and took care of her and it didn't cost her a penny... He is so pleasant and easy to talk to... Thank you Dr Tom!.. Great Dr and Great service!!"

~ Di A.

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"Great service for your hearing needs..very reasonable cost wise...this place won't milk you for everything they can...highly recommended"

~ Don J.

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"Great experience.Professional care and well explained procedures."

~ Marvin I.

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"Dr. Recher is amazing! He is very hands on and very kind. He assures his patients in a way that most doctors/professionals lack. Highly recommended !"

~ Meena G.

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"My 15 year old needed to get her ears drained due to excess amount of ear wax. So I was on a hunt for a good ENT. Luckily I found this office just a few blocks from my house. This is the one office who was able to see me the next day. The office is friendly and the experience with Dr Thomas Recher was amazing. My daughter is literally in love with the doctor saying how he restored her hearing & she cannot wait to go see him again. It’s very rare to actually find someone who loves what they do and actually knows what their doing. Thanks Mid Island Audio and thank you for making my daughters experience a great one."

~ Ana B.

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"Dr. Recher is beyond impeccable. He provides excellent service and is very hands on and patient. He provides the assurance of being there even after the appointment/consultation is over. Highly recommended ! "

~ Meena G.

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"I emailed Dr. Recher for advice on what to do about muffled hearing due to a cold. It wasn't his area of expertise as he is is an audiologist but he still tried to help me as much as possible. And he responded to my online webform and following very quickly. I know if anything does happen to be wrong with my hearing, he will be the one that I go to for care."

~ Chrissy 4.

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