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EarQ Names New President, Andrew Hebert, as the Company Continues to Grow

EarQ, a nationwide network of independent hearing healthcare providers, named Andrew Hebert as the company’s new president as Ed Keller transitions to CEO.


Communication for All: How People of All Ages Benefit from Better Hearing and Communication

Discover how people of all ages benefit from better hearing and communication.


Five $1,000 Scholarships to be Granted by EarQ and the NFLPA's Professional Athletes Foundation

EarQ and the NFLPA will award scholarships to five student athletes with hearing loss who have shown courage and determination on and off the field.


Hearing Loss Has Fierce Competition: EarQ and the NFLPA Discuss Hearing Health at the 2018 Pro Bowl

At the 2018 Pro Bowl, EarQ and the NFLPA provided free hearing screenings and hearing aid fittings to promote healthier hearing in former professional players.


Are These Toys Dangerous? Protect Against Hearing Loss this Holiday Season

22 popular children toys exceeded the appropriate noise level, discover how to protect against hearing loss this holiday season.


Helping Fans Hear: EarQ Hearing Aids Endorsed by Jim Kelly, Hall of Fame Quarterback

EarQ will connect more patients to the hearing solutions they need through Jim Kelly’s endorsement of the EarQ brand.


Going to a Football Game? Be Sure to Protect Your Hearing

With so much excitement, it can to be easy to overlook one important fact: football games are noisy and have the potential to damage your hearing.


Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids: What You Need to Know

In August 2017, a law was passed that allows FDA-regulated hearing aids to be sold over the counter instead of by a trained hearing healthcare professional.


Hearing Loss is No Match for These Athletes: EarQ and the NFLPA Award Student Scholarships

Hearing loss is no match for these student athletes. For a second year in a row, EarQ & the NFLPA PAF award 2 students with scholarships.


Hearing Loss in the Workplace

60% of those affected by hearing loss are part of the American workforce, learn the steps both employees and employers can take to promote a healthier workplace


Hearing Loss in the Classroom: 6 Tips for Teachers

Discover 6 tips for teachers, back-to-school just around the corner, it is important to talk about an issue that is becoming increasingly prevalent in children


Basketball Legends Score Healthy Hearing with EarQ at Annual Conference

At the NBRPA Legends World Sports Conference, EarQ provided hearing screenings to former NBA and WNBA players along with their families.


Cochlear Implants: When Hearing Aids Are Not Enough

Discover how people having limited success with hearing aids, have used cochlear implants to greatly improve their hearing experience.


Purple Heart Day: Honoring Our Soldiers

Discover the Purple Heart, the U.S. Military's oldest decoration, and it's history in recognizing the sacrifices made in the nation's wars.


Could Your Lifestyle Cause Hearing Loss? Find out!

By 2060, the amount of adults with hearing loss will nearly double. Which of these habits do you have that could be harming your hearing health?


8 Reasons to Try Hearing Aids for 30 Days

Did you know that hearing aids can provide life-changing benefits? Discover 8 reasons why you need to try hearing aids for 30 days.


Children with Hearing Loss: Back to School Tips for Parents

Is your child with hearing loss ready for an awesome school year? Discover 6 ways you can help them excel in the classroom.


Crazy Hearing Loss "Cures" People Have Tried

Discover these crazy hearing loss cures people have tried. Weird and Wacky, but which ones have you tried?


Hearing-Related Facts from All 50 States

Celebrate our great 50 states by checking out these interesting hearing-related facts from each! For example, which city is the quietest in all of the U.S.?


Hearing Healthcare Professionals Look to the Future with EarQ and Widex

The hearing healthcare industry is undergoing significant change, but EarQ members are ready to face any challenge ahead.


Alzheimer's & Hearing Loss: How Are They Related?

For National Alzheimer's Month (June), we present an exploration of the connection between the brain, the disease, hearing loss, and more.


Bringing Hearing Healthcare Professionals Together: EarQ Members Take Action in Times of Change

EarQ and Oticon, held a training event for independent practice owners committed to providing unparalleled patient care in an evolving industry


Six Ways to Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month!

These tips can help you raise awareness for hearing and speech conditions, while also ensuring you and your family are communicating at your very best.


New Strategies, Same Mission: EarQ and Major Hearing Aid Manufacturer Back Independent Practices

EarQ and Signia brought independent practices to Piscataway NJ, to develop the strategies and methods that will keep them competitive in hearing care.


Noise Pollution: Just as Dangerous as Second Hand Smoke?

Noise-induced hearing loss has become a silent danger among Americans. Millions are exposed to it every day and may not be aware of its permanent consequences.


EarQ Hires Ron Gleitman and Catherine Richardson, Representing Big Changes in Hearing Healthcare

The new EarQ is continuing to drive innovation in hearing healthcare with the exciting additions of Ron and Catherine to the leadership team.


Redefining the Future of Hearing Healthcare: Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturer and EarQ Join Forces

EarQ and Oticon brought independent practices to Syracuse, to discuss the strategies and innovative thinking that will keep them competitive in the industry.


Another Year of Football, Another Win for Hearing Health: EarQ Tackles Hearing Loss at Annual NFLPA Convention

At the annual NFLPA convention in Scottsdale, AZ, former NFL players received hearing screenings and help propel our ongoing research study.


Celebrate World Hearing Day!

Think about it. When was the last time you had your ears checked? For many Americans, the answer to those questions is no. What can you do to change this?


Hearing Concerns Unmasked by EarQ During NBA All Star-Weekend in New Orleans

During 2017 NBA All-Star activities in New Orleans, EarQ members provided free hearing screenings and educated former pro players on hearing loss.


Pro Athletes Have Their Chance to Cheer: EarQ and the NFLPA Address Hearing Loss at the 2017 Pro Bowl

EarQ and the NFLPA are educating former pro football players on hearing loss. The partnership continues testing and free hearing aid fittings at the Pro Bowl.


The Next Generation of Athletes Share How They Excel with Better Hearing

Advocates like Grace and Jack continue to pave the way for other athletes with hearing loss. Read what advice that have for playing sports with hearing loss


6 Festive Tunes that Celebrate the Joyous Sounds of the Holiday Season

Holiday music has it all, but do you know which ones mention the sounds of the season? We made a list, but you should check it twice!


Turn Down the Volume! Toys to Avoid this Holiday Season

Some of 2016's most popular children’s toys could reach dangerous volume levels. Keep their ears safe and know which toys to avoid this holiday season.


Pro Football Players Learn About 650,000 Colorado Residents with Hearing Loss

The NFLPA’s Professional Athletes Foundation and EarQ are meeting the growing hearing healthcare needs of former football players across the country.


Five Sounds to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

EarQ staff shares the top five sounds of the Thanksgiving season and how the holidays can be improved by treating hearing loss and reconnecting to what matters.


Independent Business Owners Gain an Advantage as EarQ Discusses Patient Engagement in a Digital World

Representatives from EarQ joined the 2016 ADA conference to discuss the digital strategies that will connect practice owners with their patients online.


What is the Number One Injury Among Veterans?

Too often our veterans come home with injuries we can’t even see. 60% of those who serve have some form of hearing loss or tinnitus. How can we change this?


Innovation Continues in Syracuse as EarQ brings 50 Leading Hearing Healthcare Professionals to the Area

Independent practice owners join together to learn more about the programs, strategies and innovative thinking that connect more patients to their practices


Celebrating a Five-Year Partnership with the NFLPA

For 5 years we have been spreading awareness, treating former players for hearing loss, and researching preventive measures. What else can happen in five years?


Former Professional Football Players Benefit from Hearing Health Research by EarQ and the NFLPA

EarQ and The NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation continue to help former players access the hearing technology they need.


“I Want to Have People Running to Get Hearing Tests!”

Ingrid Vanderveldt, Founder and Chairman of Empowering a Billion Women by 2020, is thankful for the impact her hearings aids have had on her life.


Hearing Aid Dispenser Group Invites EarQ to Discuss Patient Engagement in the Digital World

EarQ joined the 2016 IHS conference to discuss the digital strategies independant practice owners need to connect with their patients online


Prioritize Hearing Health this Back-to-School Season

As a parent you always want to see your child succeed in school. Their hearing could be a factor into their academic success. Find out what you need to know!


Innovative Research by EarQ & the NFLPA Addresses the Prevalence of Hearing Loss in Pro Athletes

EarQ and the NFLPA continue to examine the high incidence of hearing loss in former professional football players with their research program.


These TV Characters Would Have Hearing Loss in Real Life

From Rick Grimes killing off zombies in the Walking Dead to the party lifestyle of Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother, there are plenty of examples.


Students in Need Prepare for a Healthy Back-to-School Season with EarQ and the Chicago Bears

EarQ joins the Chicago Bears at their annual health fair to provide hearing screenings to children from low income families.


Todd Honas, a Remarkable Student Athlete with Hearing Loss Wins Scholarship from EarQ and the NFLPA

The NFLPA, EarQ, and Boys Town National Research Hospital celebrate Todd Honas, a student athlete who excels despite hearing loss challenges.


World's Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturer Backs EarQ's Mission to Support Independent Practices

EarQ collaborates with its longest standing technology partner to prepare independent practice owners for upcoming shifts in the hearing health industry.


NBA Legends Collaborate with EarQ to Address Hearing Health

Local EarQ providers attended the 2016 NBRPA Legends Conference to help discuss the importance of hearing health.


Global Hearing Foundation Welcomes EarQ and Renowned Humanitarians at Awards Gala

EarQ joins Starkey Hearing Foundation to raise funds for mission trips, celebrate accomplishments, and honor distinguished philanthropists worldwide


Global Hearing Aid Manufacturer Backs EarQ's Mission to Support Practice Owners as Industry Evolves

Global hearing aid manufacturer Widex backs EarQ's mission to support private practice owners as the hearing aid industry evolves.


Attending a Concert? Here's What You Should Know

Music lovers flock to venues every summer to see their favorite bands, but many don’t know the risk of not protecting their ears at these loud concerts.


Have You Ever Used Any of These Unusual Ear Products?

Some of these products on our list are fun, while others could actually be dangerous. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re strange!


Practice Owners Thrive with Exclusive Training from EarQ and Signia

At a 3 day event in Chicago, Signia and EarQ helped independent practices develop the skills and strategies to make their practice standout.


Dallas Area Pro Football Players Benefit from Expanded Hearing Loss Research Program

At their chapter meeting in Dallas, The NFL Players Association & EarQ continue research into the effects of hearing loss on professional football players.


Practices Thrive with Innovative EarQ Member Training at Starkey Headquarters

During the 3 day event at Starkey headquarters, independent practices discovered new strategies to compete and success in the highly competitive marketplace.


Independent Practices Thrive with EarQ at AudiologyNOW! Conference

EarQ leads independent practices to more patients and more profits at the 2016 AudiologyNOW!


EarQ Launches First Intergalactic Hearing Healthcare Program

Today, April 1st, we're proud to announce a brand new EarQ program that aims to combat hearing loss across the galaxy!


The NFL Players Association and EarQ Continue Hearing Loss Research with Former Football Players

The NFLPA and EarQ continued their research program aimed to better understand the unique hearing conditions of former football players.


How Are Your Ears Related to Balance?

Your ears do more than just let you hear, they also have a strong link with your body's sense of balance.


Oklahoma University Audiology Students Tap into Entrepreneurial Spirit with EarQ

Oklahoma University invited members of EarQ to speak with audiology students about independent practice ownership and the future of hearing healthcare.


Danish Hearing Aid Giant Widex Joins EarQ to Give More Options to Independent Practice Owners

EarQ has selected Widex to be its fifth technology partner to further expand its product portfolio for independent practice owners nationwide.


NFLPA’s Professional Athletes Foundation and EarQ to Launch Scholarship Program

During a pre-Super Bowl event, EarQ will join the NFLPA’s Professional Athletes Foundation to announce a scholarship program for students with hearing loss


Starkey Hosts EarQ and Global Influencers for Industry-Changing Discussions at Its Biennial Hearing Loss Expo

EarQ's leadership team attended Starkey's Expo to discuss ways the hearing healthcare industry can be improved for independent practice owners & patients.


EarQ Kicks Off 2016 with Big Changes

EarQ is announcing four notable changes to its leadership team that will help usher in a new era of success for the group.


Are These Potentially Dangerous Toys Under Your Tree?

You want to get your kids everything on their wish list, but could some of those toys bring more harm than joy? Find out what to avoid this holiday season.


NFL Players Association and EarQ Bring Hearing Loss Research to Las Vegas

EarQ recently worked with the Las Vegas chapter of the NFLPA to provide hearing health check-ups and hearing devices to participating former players.


What Are the Main Parts of a Hearing Aid?

Knowing what makes up a hearing aid and how it functions, is important in understanding how these devices bring sounds back into your life.


The Massachusetts Hearing Society Invites EarQ to Share Digital Expertise at Annual Conference

EarQ discussed the importance of a digital strategy for independent hearing healthcare practices at the Massachusetts Hearing Society's annual conference.


$5,000 Grant Awarded to Audiology Student by EarQ

For a third year in a row, EarQ awarded a grant to an aspiring student looking to pursue their dreams of owning an independent hearing healthcare practice.


The Starkey Hearing Foundation and EarQ Help 19,000 Hear Better in Peru

Starkey Hearing Foundation & EarQ recently traveled to Peru to provide individuals with the hearing devices they need to live happier, healthier lives.


Sivantos and EarQ Spark Independent Practice Growth and Focus on Hearing Loss

Independent hearing healthcare providers met in New Orleans to discuss and learn how practice owners can compete in today’s changing marketplace


NFL Players Association and EarQ Expand Hearing Loss Research to New Orleans

EarQ worked with the New Orleans chapter of the NFL Players Association to continue its hearing health research program for former players.


CSEA Invites EarQ to Improve Its Members' Hearing Health

EarQ attends the CSEA's annual delegate conference to promote hearing health with their members.


6 Tips for Easy Hearing Aid Care

Hearing aid care is essential to keep your devices functioning properly for a long time. These tips can ensure you get the most out of your hearing aids.


Emerging Trade Association Invites EarQ to Bring Entrepreneurial Enthusiasm to Annual Show

The EarQ team reinforced the company’s passion for fostering independent practice growth at the International Hearing Society’s annual convention.


NFL Players Association and EarQ Expand Hearing Research Program to Chicago

EarQ worked with the Chicago chapter of the NFL Players Association to continue its hearing health research program for former players.


The Silent Danger of High School Football

Football is a game of risk and reward, but how great are the risks? High school football concussion could be leaving students with long term health issues.


Which Hearing Aid Style is Best for You?

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles to fit everyone's life. From behind-the-ear to completely-in-the-canal, do you know which is best for you?


The Dangers of Electronics: 7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Kids' Ears

These tips can help you protect your children from noise-induced hearing loss by monitoring and controlling the volume they use on personal devices.


I'm Just a 24-Year-Old Guy Who Loves His Hearing Aid

David Michael Hahn's hearing aid is as important to him as his brain or his heart. He encourages others to never be embarrassed about taking steps to hear better.


6 Qualities People Who Treat Their Hearing Loss Share

The majority of people with hearing loss have not yet taken steps to correct it. However, those who have taken action all share certain characteristics.


Syracuse Chiefs Help Local Community Hear Strong

The HearStrong Foundation honored several men and women who have overcome hearing loss at the Syracuse Chiefs game on August 4th at NBT Stadium.


The Trick to Making Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer

Hearing aid batteries usually last between three and seven days. Change them less often with these tips to help you extend their life as long as possible.


How Do Hearing Aids Help Manage Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can be disruptive and uncomfortable, but hearing aids can help make symptoms manageable, especially if they come with tinnitus therapy technology.


13 Quick Tips for Getting Used to Hearing Aids

When you first start wearing hearing aids, there's a short adjustment period. Use these tips and tricks to get used to your new devices quickly and easily.


EarQ Announces Major Expansion for Future Growth

EarQ is expanding with multiple new hires in order to meet the demands of its network of hearing healthcare providers along with the industry.


How to Prevent Swimmer's Ear

Swimming is fun, but swimmer's ear is not. Taking these steps can make it easy to protect your ears from unwanted moisture and keep them infection-free.


How Can a Mouse Help People with Hearing Loss?

Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have used a virus and gene therapy to reverse hearing loss in mice.


NBA Legends Team with EarQ to Make Hearing Healthcare a Priority at Annual Convention

The NBRPA invited EarQ to provide education and free hearing screenings to retired NBA players at the 2015 Legends World Sports Conference in Las Vegas.


Can Earwax Cause Hearing Loss?

Earwax can be a major factor in conductive hearing loss, but this is often preventable. Know when to clean your ears and which methods are safe to use.


Explained: Water Resistant vs. Waterproof Hearing Aids

What's the difference between water resistant and waterproof hearing aids? How do you know which option is right for you and your lifestyle needs?


Managing Tinnitus: Enjoy Life While You Wait for a Cure

Mari Quigley Miller, coordinator of a tinnitus support group in Orange County, California, tells her story and offers advice to others who have tinnitus.


Professionals Share What It's Like to Help People Hear

Hearing healthcare professionals can tell you what it's like to watch a person's world open up through better hearing. It's no wonder they love their job.


A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be conductive, sensorineural, or mixed. Learn how to prevent or respond to each type by understanding its causes and treatment options.


Find out why you need an annual hearing test

Even without signs of hearing loss, annual hearing tests are important. They let you monitor your hearing health and react appropriately to any changes.


7 Ways to Help Your Family Member Get a Hearing Test

If you know someone with hearing difficulties, it can be difficult to convince them to get a hearing test. Here are seven ideas to help guide the conversation.


A Complete Guide to Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is a growing and serious health concern. Take these steps to recognize risky situations and actively protect your hearing ability.


Can Hearing Aids Cause Hearing Loss?

Some people are concerned that hearing aids will make their hearing worse. Yet if they're fitted correctly, hearing aids are both safe and life-changing.


How to Prepare for Retirement the Smart Way

Planning for retirement's medical expenses be daunting, but it is possible and important to include the cost of hearing health in your retirement planning.


Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much?

Big box retailer, online, or private hearing healthcare professional? There are a lot of options to consider when purchasing hearing aids. Which is best?


New Antibiotic Can Kill Infections but Not Your Hearing

Researchers from Stanford are developing an alternative to traditional antibiotics that will eliminate the risk of hearing loss and kidney damage.


What No One Tells You about Sports Arenas

Just minutes in a sports arena can exceed your daily limit of healthy noise. Fans, athletes, coaches, staff, and officials must all protect their hearing.


Can You Hear with Your Tongue?

Researchers from Colorado State University developed a device that turns sounds into patterns of impulses in order to send messages through the tongue.


9 Ways to Protect Your Ears and Hearing Health

Taking good care of your ears helps you avoid injuries and noise exposure that could lead to hearing loss. Follow these 9 tips to keep them in great shape.


What Makes Someone "Pitch Perfect"?

As told by the cast of Pitch Perfect 2: researchers have uncovered new evidence that might help us understand why some people have perfect pitch.


Technology Leaders Inspire Independent Growth at EarQ Event Series

This spring, EarQ and its technology partners worked with independent hearing healthcare providers to provide insight and help position them for success.


Your Ultimate Guide to the Latest Tinnitus News

Multiple parts of the brain may be involved in the cause of tinnitus. Read about this research and new solutions available for managing tinnitus symptoms.


NBA Legends Join EarQ to Combat a Silent Epidemic

During Hearing Health Month this May, the NBRPA and EarQ joined forces to educate millions about the importance of hearing better.


Drive to the Basket: Hearing Loss Can't Block the Shot

Michael Lizarraga, Tamika Catchings, and Lance Allred are just a few basketball players with hearing loss who haven't let it get in the way of their dreams.


Inspirational Father and Daughter Celebrated by the HearStrong Foundation for Overcoming Hearing Loss

The HearStrong Foundation recognizes Scott Lieberman and his daughter for their work to empower more people in their community to choose to hear better.


New EarQ.com Changes the Face of Hearing Healthcare for Today's Patients

EarQ launches an innovative website to reach the 30 million Americans with untreated hearing loss and empower them to make hearing health a top priority.


EarQ Presents Fresh Ideas for Practice Growth at the 2015 AudiologyNOW! Convention

EarQ showcases how its out-of-the-box programs can help private hearing healthcare practice owners.


Landmark Research Program Allows EarQ and the NFL Players Association to Learn the Game's Impact

EarQ and the NFL Players Association team to provide hearing health check-ups and hearing devices to participating former players.


Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Are No Match for These Celebrities

There are many more celebrities with hearing loss and tinnitus than you might think. Learn about how they've conquered hearing loss and enjoyed success.


Team HearStrong Races to Shatter Stigmas During the 2015 LA Marathon

The HearStrong Foundation partnered with the LA Marathon to addressing hearing loss and to recognize a HearStrong Champion competing in the race


8 Tips to Make Your Next Vacation Amazing

Are you planning your next vacation or getaway? Check out these tips that can make your trip even better than you imagine, if you're adventurous enough.


EarQ and the NFL Players Association Partner to Tackle Hearing Loss in Phoenix

EarQ joined the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) during pre-game activities in Phoenix, AZ to provide members with hearing healthcare services


4 Tips to Help Students with Hearing Loss

This list of tips helps teachers, administrators, and parents create or improve plans to incorporate classroom accommodations for students with hearing loss.


Doctors Say Hearing Better Can Improve Balance Issues

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine have found that hearing aids may be used as a treatment option to improve balance and decrease falls.


Hawkeye: the Hearing Health Hero

Hawkeye is a superhero in more ways than one; he stands out as one of the only comic book characters to wear hearing aids and show what hearing loss is like.


Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Wearers

If you're looking for gift ideas for hearing aid wearers, this list has a combination of fun, affordable, and practical items that make great gifts.


Researchers Give This Hearing Test an F

Penn State researchers have found that the hearing screening questions for pediatric preventive care don't reliably identify teens at risk for hearing loss.


EarQ Helps Award Cash Grant to Stand-Out Audiology Students in Las Vegas

On November 8, the 2014 ADA Student Business Plan Competition, sponsored by EarQ, announced its winner, who was awarded a $5,000 cash grant.


Study Finds a Protein to Strong-Arm Hearing Loss

Researchers have uncovered a possible way to reverse noise-induced and age-related hearing loss by boosting production of the Ntf3 protein in the ears.


Newborn Hearing Screenings: Early Diagnosis, Early Acceptance, Early Success

Newborn hearing screenings help to detect hearing loss early, leading to adoption of hearing device solutions that ensure growth of learning and development.


Study Finds Link Between Eating Fish and a Lower Risk of Hearing Loss in Women

In addition to being heart-healthy, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in fish may help decrease a woman's risk of developing hearing loss.


EarQ and the Kansas City Chiefs Huddle Up Against Hearing Loss

On October 21, EarQ provided kids in Kansas City with hearing healthcare services via free hearing screenings and video ear inspections at Arrowhead Stadium.


My Journey with Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants

Nancy Chovancek shares her journey with hearing loss due to Meniere's disease and the recovery of sounds in her life after receiving Cochlear implants.


Can Chili Peppers Combat Hearing Loss in Cancer Patients?

A study that uses capsaicin, a chili pepper component, in conjunction with cisplatin, a cancer treatment, may help to decrease the risk of hearing loss.


Babies at Risk of Developing Hearing Loss in Utero

Pregnant women exposed to high noise levels (85 decibels or higher) increase their unborn baby's risk of developing hearing loss and other conditions.


Superheroes with Enhanced Hearing

These three superheroes have the ability of enhanced hearing, and one of them uses the sense of hearing in a way that's both surprising and awesome.


Study Finds Link Between Weight and Hearing Loss in Teens

Hearing loss has been linked to teen obesity with staggering statistics. This comes in addition to links with other serious health concerns such as diabetes.


New Discovery Sheds Light on Hereditary Hearing Loss

Researchers have found a breakthrough way to express myosin 15 to study the protein's structure that could lead to new hereditary hearing loss treatments.


The HearStrong Foundation and the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation Celebrated HearStrong Champion During 2014 Alumni Weekend

HearStrong Champion Danielle Strassle celebrated at the 2014 Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation VIP Tailgate event.


Our Captioning Culture

Dr. Lauren E. Storck proposes the idea of a captioning culture that includes everyone from those with normal hearing to those with profound hearing loss.


Want to Lower Your Risk of Tinnitus? Drink More Coffee!

Could drinking more coffee lower your risk of tinnitus? New research from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston suggests that it may be so.


The EarQ Team Brings Hearing Health Awareness to the 2014 National Basketball Retired Players Association Annual Convention in Cancun

Members of the EarQ team provided hearing screenings, video ear inspections, and provided hearing health education at the NBRPA conference in Cancun.


The Science of Getting Your Bell Rung

Those who play contact sports such as football, along with people in car accidents, are at an increased risk of developing tinnitus from concussions.


Scientists Turn to a Pest to Develop New Hearing Technology

Scientists are analyzing the ear structure of the parasitoid fly, Ormia ochracea, for future development of directional microphones in hearing aids.


Finnish Study Makes Landmark Link Between Music and Memory

A breakthrough study has revealed that the medial temporal lobe areas of the brain have an increase in activity while musical motifs are repeated.


New Study Finds the Effects of Tinnitus Run Deeper Than the Ears

A study has revealed that people who experience tinnitus process emotions differently and with a different response time than those without tinnitus.


Scientists Discover Treatment for Hearing Loss in an Unlikely Place

In South Korea, researchers have learned that a specific substance in asthma medicine may be a treatment option for noise-induced hearing loss.


Hybrid Hearing Device May Expand Market for Implants

A revolutionary hybrid hearing device combines a traditional cochlear implant with a hearing device to help provide more access to hearing loss solutions.


Sleep Apnea Linked to Increased Risk of Hearing Loss

A study linking sleep apnea to hearing loss was presented by Dr. Amit Chopra at the American Thoracic Society's 2014 International Conference.


Exercise Your Brain Just by Listening to Music

Music has been shown to have many health benefits for people of all ages, but what happens if someone has hearing difficulties and can't hear the music?


Literary Characters Who Change Our Perception of Hearing Loss

Literary characters with hearing difficulties who changed the reader's perception of hearing loss include John Singer, Linda Snopes, and Alice Guthries.


The EarQ Brand Celebrates 15th Anniversary

From its small beginnings in Central New York, EarQ has become one of the leading voices in the hearing healthcare industry.


Could New Implant Replace Traditional Hearing Devices?

Esteem, a fully implantable middle ear hearing device, treats moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss. Will it replace traditional hearing aids?


Can a New Device Detect Early Signs of Hearing Loss in Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy?

Development has begun to create a device that detects the signs of hearing loss early in patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment.


Are Your Children's Favorite Movies Helping Them Develop Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?

Could your child be at risk of experiencing noise-induced hearing loss from high volume levels of music and movies? Learn some preventative measures here.


National Foundation Honors Attendees of the 2014 Mike Glenn All-Star Basketball Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Mike Glenn was honored for his work with young athletes participating in the Mike Glenn All-Star Basketball Camp for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.


EarQ and Its Technology Partners Co-Host Landmark Industry Discussions

EarQ recently held industry-related discussions at the domestic headquarters of hearing aid manufacturers Oticon, Siemens, and Starkey.


EarQ Unveils IRIS, Its Patient-Focused Digital Strategy

Audiologists and other hearing healthcare professionals can boost patient leads with IRIS, our digital strategy designed to increase patient leads.


Gene Therapy and Biotechnology Come Together to Address Hearing Loss

New research into gene therapy has the potential an improved hearing experience from cochlear implant users via injection of BDNF DNA genes into the cochlea.


How to Talk to Kids about Hearing Loss

How can you ensure that your child's hearing health is a priority? Learn how to talk to and empower your child to take control for hearing loss prevention.


New Hearing Device Could Solve the 'Cocktail Party Problem'

Boston University researchers have been awarded a grant for further development of a visually guided hearing aid addressing the "cocktail party problem."


Can Iron Deficiency Indicate Future Hearing Problems?

A correlation between iron-deficiency anemia and sudden sensorineural hearing loss has been found, and it's stronger in people ages 44 and younger.


Children Who Wear Hearing Devices Early Can Develop Better Communication Skills

According to a new study from the University of Iowa, children who are fitted earlier with hearing aids have stronger speech and language development skills.


Hearing Loss-Related Tumor May Have Met its Match

A revolutionary procedure to remove acoustic neuroma with an endoscope has been developed, resulting in increased preservation of hearing and facial movements.


Wearable Tech: The Revenge of the Nerds

Wearable tech has long been associated with nerds, but today's Made for iPhone hearing aids are working to connect people with technology in healthy ways.


Can Painkillers Cause Hearing Loss in Women?

A shocking correlation between painkiller intake and hearing loss in women has been revealed by a new study conducted by Brigham and Women's Hospital.


Strong Link Found Between Depression and Untreated Hearing Loss in Women

The link between hearing loss and depression is greater in women according to a study by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communicative Disorders.


Feel Better, Hear Better?

A research grant has been awarded to Christine Portfors for a new study to learn more about the effects that dopamine has on sound processing in the brain.


EarQ Showcases Programs and Honors HearStrong Champions at the 2014 AudiologyNOW! Convention

Champion Sanford Freed celebrated amongst hearing healthcare industry professionals.


New South Dakota Legislation to Help Families Afford Audiology Services

A new South Dakota bill will require insurance companies to cover audiological services for children under 19 years of age, greatly helping families.


NFL Players Association Welcomes EarQ to Its Annual Conference for the Third Year

EarQ worked with former NFL players and their families to discuss solutions to hearing loss and the importance of maintaining one's hearing health.


Workplace Diversity, Generationally Speaking: Part 2

Everyone in the workplace can benefit from better communication, and these tips will help people communicate with colleagues who have hearing loss.


The Person in Your Family Most Susceptible to Hearing Loss May Surprise You

A new study has revealed that a shocking number of children have noise-induced hearing loss caused by high music volumes and headphone usage.


Student Competition Sponsored by EarQ Celebrates Future Hearing Healthcare Leaders

EarQ is sponsoring the ADA student business plan competition. The winner will receive a grant to further their business objectives in a private practice.


What Can a Chicken Teach Us About Hearing Loss?

How can chickens help us with hearing loss treatment? A new study on inner ear cells in chickens could lead the way to new hearing loss solutions for humans.


Local Organizations Lay a Foundation for Hearing Loss Awareness

Organizations such as local HLAA chapters and the Center for Hearing and Communication are working to improve awareness on hearing healthcare issues.


New Development May Lead to Invisible Cochlear Implant

Research has led to the creation of a new processing chip that could be used in cochlear implants, allowing for wireless charging and invisibility.


Workplace Diversity, Generationally Speaking: Part 1

See how the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials approach the workplace with different styles, skills, and expectations.


Musicians May Lead the Next Revolution in Hearing Technology

How can hearing aids be improved for musicians? A new study at Vanderbilt University hopes to identify better hearing protection options for musicians.


Can Banking Your Child's Cord Blood Cells Help Treat Future Hearing Loss?

A clinical trial has been launched to study the use of cord blood stem cells as a treatment option for children with sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL).


Surprising Facts About the Five Senses!

Dolphins sleep with one eye open, cilia push out earwax, and catfish have around 100,000 taste buds. Learn more facts about the five senses!


Looking for a less stressful job? Try this one.

Discover the least stressful job. Learn about the benefits, responsibilities, work environment, and average salary of a winning career move for you.


Things You Didn't Know About Former U.S. Presidents

Which things do these three former U.S. presidents have in common? Find out fun facts about some of the most popular presidents in US history.


Those with hearing loss may be losing more than just their hearing

A new study has found that those with hearing loss can lose brain tissue at a noticeably faster rate than those with normal hearing.


Canadian speed skater overcomes hearing loss to compete in Sochi

Brianne Tutt, a speed skater, will compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, just 13 months after a terrible accident Learn more now!


7 Television and Film Characters from a Different Perspective

Discover 7 television and film characters who give the audience a non-hearing perspective. Includes a classic from Neil Patrick Harris and the hobbit.


EarQ Educates Players about Hearing Health at Pre-Game Activities in New York with the NFL Players Association

Representatives from EarQ spread hearing loss awareness to members of the NFL Players Association during exclusive pre-game events in New York City.


What Myths About Hearing Aids Do You Believe?

There are many myths and misperceptions about hearing aids that people believe. Learn more about the myths and how to positively approach hearing loss.


Creating Dreams: NFL Players Who Broke the Sound Barrier

Derrick Coleman and other NFL players have proven that determination and strength of character overshadow perceived disabilities and allow dreams to be reached.


EarQ Launches New MyEarQ.com Platform for Its Members

The new website is a comprehensive resource center that provides members with information and tools in a user-friendly format.


Researchers at the University of Michigan Uncover New Opportunities to Treat Tinnitus

New findings by researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School may provide possible new treatment options for tinnitus (ringing in the ears).


Hearing Creatively: Six Crafts to Engage Students, Friends, and Family Members

We've compiled six craft ideas for speech-language pathologists, teachers, friends, and family members. Includes a hearing aid storage container project!


Bill Russell Supports Hearing Health Awareness with the HearStrong Foundation

Basketball legend Bill Russell becomes a HearStrong Ambassador to support national hearing health awareness.


How Can Hearing Better Make You Feel Better?

Feeling excluded from social events? Can't hear what people are saying? Find out the signs, symptoms, and solutions for depression due to hearing loss.


Working Towards a Better Understanding of Inherited Hearing Loss

Several Montreal scientists recently discovered a group of proteins that help shape the organ responsible for sound detection...


Seven Famous People with Hearing Loss

People with hearing loss include Bill Clinton, Rob Lowe, and Danny Elfman. Find out who else is on the list along with a fun fact about each person.


Combatting Hearing Loss with Music Lessons

Taking music lessons between can benefit the brain in old age and help prevent age-related hearing loss, according to a new study from Northwestern University.


Noisy Toys and Hearing Loss - What You Need to Know

Some noisy toys have dangerous decibel levels that greatly increase hearing loss in children. Find out what noisy toys made the list for 2013.


Improved Hearing Healthcare for Veterans Proposed by Congressman

Hearing aid services for veterans to be improved through proposed legislation. Discover how it could remove hearing healthcare barriers.


Despite Promising New Research, Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Still a Concern

In a new study led by Gary Housley of the University of New South Wales, researchers found a method of preventing temporary hearing loss in mice...


Publix Super Markets Make it Easy for all Shoppers to Hear the Cashiers

Publix Super Markets, Inc. has begun testing hearing loops as a means of helping customers wearing hearing devices to better understand cashiers...


The Green Bay Packers to Honor One of Their Own with the HearStrong Foundation

A franchise used to celebrating championship athletes, The Green Bay Packers will soon honor a different type of champion.


Hearing Loss and Depression: Protecting your Hearing Health Could also Protect your Mental Health

According to the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), unaddressed hearing loss is linked with depression.


A Proposed Hearing Aid Tax Credit Bill Could Lessen Cost Barrier for Most Americans

Reintroducing the Hearing Aid Tax Credit bill with the Hearing Industries Association and the Hearing Loss Association of America.


EarQ's Technology Partners Honored with High-Profile Awards

Siemens Hearing Instruments and Starkey Hearing Technology, received high honors for advanced hearing technology which reinforces the strength of the EarQ brand


What Can Your Eyes Tell You About Your Ears?

Brian Applegate, Ph.D., stated recently that the technique used to create images of one's retina is now being re-purposed to identify hearing loss


EarQ Teams with CareCredit to Make Hearing Healthcare More Affordable and Accessible

EarQ has teamed with CareCredit to give patients the opportunity for financing options that will enable them to afford the hearing devices they need and deserve


Nuisance Fly Could Help Scientists to Better Understand Hearing Loss

A new study from the University of Iowa has found that the common fruit fly can be used to study noise-induced hearing loss.


For Children, a Little Hearing Loss Can Do a Lot of Damage

Children subjected to short-term hearing loss, a condition often caused by ear infections, ear wax, and exposure to loud noises, could be at risk for lazy ear


2013 Academy of Doctors of Audiology Convention Celebrates Current and Future Industry Leaders with EarQ

In addition to presenting its innovative programs, members of the EarQ team were on hand to sponsor the ADA Student Business Plan Competition


Annual Hearing Test Can Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

Recent studies have shown such a serious link between untreated hearing loss and dementia...


Advanced Bionics Settles Majority of Recent Product Liability Claims

After years of legal battles, Advanced Bionics reached settlement agreements with the parties who filed liability claims related to cochlear implants.


New Mobile Hearing Device Technology Will Change How Those with Hearing Loss Interact with Their Smart Phones

Recently, EarQ technology provider ReSound announced the launch of its latest, and most revolutionary, device.


New NOAA Weather Radios Designed to Alert Those with Hearing Loss

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) radios provides dangerous weather warnings and civil emergency messages for the National Weather Service


Post 9/11 Veterans are Coming Home with Hearing Loss in Record Numbers

According to The Center for Public Integrity, over 400,000 of post 9/11 veterans have hearing loss and tinnitus.


Startling Statistics Prompt American Farmers to Protect Their Hearing

More than one third of America's 3 million farmers have hearing loss caused by daily exposure to loud machinery and livestock


Andrew Hebert Named Vice President of EarQ

On Thursday, October 11th, EarQ announced that Andrew Hebert, the company's managing director, had been promoted to the position of vice president.


Obama Introducing Cinema Regulations

Hearing loss keeping you from the movies? A new regulation could change that.


Help Honor a Veteran in Your Community with the HearStrong Foundation this Veteran's Day

The HearStrong Foundation will honor an individual who has the strength to not only serve their country, but to take control of their health, as well.


Government Shutdown Will Have Little Effect on the Hearing Healthcare Industry

The hearing healthcare industry will be largely unaffected during the federal government shutdown.


The National Basketball Retired Players Association Makes Hearing Health a Priority at the 2013 Legends Conference

EarQ attended the NBRPA conference in Port St. Lucie, FL to educate members about their hearing health and provide hearing evaluations.


New Head Health Challenge can positively impact hearing loss in athletes

The NFL, Under Armour, and GE launched Head Health Challenge II in an effort to bring awareness to the negative effects of head impacts during football.


New study shows teens exposed to second-hand smoke are at risk of hearing loss

A recent study performed at New York University has found a link between passive, or second-hand, smoking and hearing loss in teens.


Acclaimed Author Ken Blanchard Receives Donation from EarQ to Further His Leadership Mission

During a visit to EarQ, Blanchard and Ed Keller compete in a basketball shoot out to raise money for Blanchard's leadership training program.


Doctors to Grow Ears for Young Boy

Kieran Sorkin, of Bushey, England, was born with a condition known as mictrotia, which left him with only small lobes where his ears should be...


Stem Cells Point Toward a Treatment for Hearing Loss

Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine have found a possible way of growing inner-ear hair cells, which allow one to hear and control balance.


British Hearing Loss Charity Gifts a Video Baby Monitor to the Royal Baby

Action on Hearing Loss sent a video monitoring tool to Prince William and Kate Middleton in honor of the birth of their son, HRH Prince George of Cambridge


Study Finds Some Hearing Loss May Be Reversible

A new study by the Stanford University School of Medicine shows that some hearing loss, notably noise-induced hearing loss, may be reversible...


Hearing Loss Increases Risk of Alzheimer's

A study published by the American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, found a noticeable link between hearing loss and memory loss in older adults...


Former President George W. Bush Delivers the Gift of Hearing with the Starkey Hearing Foundation

Bush personally helps the Starkey team give 222 Tanzania locals the gift of hearing...


Bears Care and the Chicago Bears Host Community Health Event at Training Camp in Bourbonnais that Includes Free Hearing Screenings

At this free hearing screening event hosted by the Chicago Bears, EarQ members will participate with the best they have to offer. Learn more now.


Local Web Designer Brings Expertise and Energy to National Hearing Healthcare Advocate Group

Christopher Getman uses his wealth of web design experience to take EarQ's and its network of hearing healthcare providers website strategies to a new level


Ferrets could change hearing aid design

A recent study using ferrets has shown how children, specifically those with glue ear (a middle-ear infection), compensate for temporary hearing loss.


New European Union Standards Put Decibel Limits on Music Players and Mobile Phones

A new standard enacted by the European Union (EU) states that all personal music players and mobile phones capable of playing music should have a volume limit


Woman with Tinnitus to Ascend Mt. Hood for a Cure

Attempt to raise money for the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) to continue the search for a cure, 61 year old woman with tinnitus, will be climbing Mt. Hood


Deaf High School Student Performs at High Level Due to Early Intervention

Turner Hitt, a senior at Lee County High School in Georgia, has managed to achieve great success in his high school career despite being born deaf...


Become an Audiologist

Last year, Forbes, CareerCast and CNNMoney all forecasted one profession as one of the most rewarding, stable and least stressful careers that one can have...


Professional Sports Powerhouses to Celebrate Inspirational Chicagoans with The HearStrong Foundation

Chicago Bears and the NBRPA support The HearStrong Foundation as it honors three Chicago natives for their perseverance in overcoming hearing loss


Study Finds a New Treatment for Tinnitus

Tinnitus affects 5-to-15 percent of Americans. Characterized by phantom sounds such as whistling, clicking, or roaring, this disorder can be debilitating


Hearing Industry Research Group Announces First Grant Recipients

The Hearing Industry Research Consortium reveals the recipients of its first public grant opportunity: Piers Dawes, Ph.D. and Andrea Pittman, Ph.D.


School's new playground designed with hearing impaired students in mind

Before building a new playground for its students, the St. Philip School in Phoenix, AZ decided to take all of its students into consideration.


Deaf sailor makes history

Gerry Hughes, from Glasgow, Scotland, made maritime history on May 8th when he became the first deaf man to successfully circumnavigate the globe on his boat


New study finds smoking can lead to hearing loss

According to the Tobacco Control Journal, those who smoke, even passively, have an increased risk of hearing loss.


The HearStrong Foundation Announces its First International HearStrong Champion

English rugby star Mat Gilbert is the only deaf professional rugby player in the U.K.


Study Finds Link Between Diabetes and Hearing Loss

A recent National Health and Nutrition Examination survey has found a correlation between diabetes and hearing loss.


Regal Cinemas to offer closed-captioned glasses at its locations

To provide a more enjoyable experience for moviegoers with hearing loss, Regal Entertainment Group will equip 6,000 of its theaters with closed-caption glasses


Hockey players wear specially designed hearing aid sweat bands

In the World Deaf Ice Hockey Championship, The American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association sported a special accessory: hearing aid sweat bands.


Cochlear Implant company ordered to pay $7.25 million in damages to a young girl after its device severely shocked her

A Louisville U.S. District Court jury found that Advanced Bionics knowingly sold the implants after they were deemed defective.


Pennsylvania firefighters sue truck manufacturers claiming their hearing loss was caused by dangerously loud sirens

Four Pittsburgh firefighters sued major fire truck manufacturers, claiming hearing loss after being exposed to loud sirens during their careers.


New Research Shows Women Who Address Their Hearing Health Can Experience a Greater Quality of Life

Addressing hearing loss helps women stay physically, cognitively and socially active, according to the Better Hearing Institute.


New Student Competition Sponsored by EarQ Celebrates Future Hearing Healthcare Leaders

The Academy of Doctors of Audiology Business Plan Competition will award a $5,000 grant to be used towards the development of entrepreneurial and leadership skills


Inspirational Eight-Year-Old Honored by Basketball Legend AC Green and the HearStrong Foundation in Anaheim

Kaylee Bosetti is celebrated as a HearStrong Champion amongst hearing healthcare industry professionals at the 2013 AudiologyNOW! convention.


Basketball Legend A.C. Green to Join EarQ at the 2013 AudiologyNOW! Conference in Anaheim

The former Laker will be with the EarQ team on Friday, April 5th to support its industry leading hearing healthcare advocacy programs.


Canadian Premier Praised for Addressing Hearing Loss

Alberta Canada's newly-elected Premier, Alison Redford, has announced she's seeking treatment for an escalating hearing problem.


Ear Buds to be Investigated as a Public Health Concern

In New York State, a bill is pending that would ban the use of mobile phones, iPods or other electronic devices while crossing streets


Football Legend Joins Bridgewater Balance & Hearing to Honor Inspirational 16-year-old in Knoxville

Mike Stratton awarded Calen Wright the title of HearStrong Champion in recognition of her courage to overcome hearing loss and excel.


Members of the National Basketball Retired Players Association Celebrate the Gift of Hearing in Houston

Former players worked with national hearing healthcare advocates to spread hearing loss education and awareness during NBA All-Star Weekend.


HearStrong Champion's Dreams Come True in New Orleans

The NFL Players Association helps the HearStrong Foundation honor its first champion.


Hearing Aids May Keep You From Falling

Study at the University of Texas at Dallas, aimed at determining a connection between hearing loss and the likelihood of falls in people 50 to 80 years old


Untreated Hearing Loss Can Have Its Own Lasting Effects

Landmark study conducted at John Hopkins, reporting that untreated, age-related hearing loss can lead to a more-rapid deterioration of higher brain function


EarQ Helps The HearStrong Foundation Honor its First HearStrong Champion

On Saturday, February 2nd, representatives from The HearStrong Foundation will award Paul Szemborski Jr., 17, of Jasper, TX, the title of HearStrong Champion.


EarQ Educates Players at the Big Game in New Orleans

Throughout the pre-game activities in New Orleans, EarQ will work with members of the NFL Players Association to advocate the importance hearing health.


EarQ Featured in NFL Locker Room Lounge

EarQ will be featured during many of the pre-game activities in New Orleans this year, including the NFL Locker Room.


EarQ to Educate Players at Pre-Game Activities in New Orleans with the NFL Players Association

EarQ representatives will educate current and former players about hearing loss and its current treatments.


EarQ is Proud to Sponsor The HearStrong Foundation

The HearStrong Foundation will shatter social stigmas and radically challenge the general perception of hearing loss in our society today.


EarQ Teams up with CareCredit

Care Credit financing options will provide greater access to quality hearing healthcare.


EarQ Joins the Hearing Industries Association

This landmark partnership establishes the hearing healthcare advocate among the industry’s most notable organizations.


Protect Your Hearing This Hunting Season

Outdoorsmen pack for hunting trips things like vests, hats and gloves - however, another important safety feature is overlooked: hearing protection.


Basketball Legend Cedric Ceballos Teams with EarQ at ADA to Support Two Great Causes:

Phoenix Sun Cedric Ceballos joined the EarQ team at the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) Convention to raise awareness for hearing loss and breast cancer


Deserving Central New Yorker to Receive the Gift of Hearing for the Holidays

Central New Yorkers have the opportunity to enter the annual Hear for the Holidays contest, one lucky winner will receive a free pair of hearing devices from EarQ


EarQ's Pink Fridays Raise Money and Awareness

In order to celebrate the incredible work of the Susan G. Komen Foundation to promote breast cancer awareness this October, EarQ decided to make a fashion statement


October is National Audiology Awareness and National Protect Your Hearing Month!

October is a time to spread awareness on a national scale and provide empowering hearing loss education to the more than 36 million Americans who suffer from it


Bill Austin & The Starkey Foundation Give the Gift of Hearing at Yankee Stadium

Starkey Hearing Technology to give the gift of hearing to children and adults who can not normally afford the latest hearing device technology at Yankee stadium


EarQ Creates Hearing Solutions for Members of the National Basketball Retired Players Association

EarQ and the NBRPA's new program will provide hearing health education and access to hearing devices for retired NBA players and their families.


The National Basketball Retired Players Association and EarQ Give the Gift of Hearing

NBA standout John “Hot Rod” Williams, the NBRPA and partner EarQ will be presenting 87-year old New Orleans native with a pair of new hearing devices


EarQ plans to continue growth after moving into new HQ

The growing EarQ upgrades to a 13,000-square-foot building at 701 Erie Blvd. W. in Syracuse and moved its headquarters and employees to the new facility


NFLPA Welcomes EarQ to Provide Hearing Solutions for Players

The NFL Players Association welcomes EarQ, a national network of hearing healthcare professionals, to provide an education and hearing aid discount to their members


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