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Become an Audiologist

Published: 07/02/2013

Last Updated: 06/27/2018

Looking for a career that offers professional and personal success?
Become an audiologist. 

In 2012, 
ForbesCareerCast and CNNMoney all forecasted one profession as one of the most rewarding, stable and least stressful careers that one can have.

But, it may not be what you expected.

Audiologists, those who specialize in the study and treatment of hearing loss and balance problems, are the ones who lay claim to that title. A versatile and well-compensated profession that can be practiced in many ways, audiologists enjoy a freedom and stability that others do not.

Audiologists can be found working in an ENT office, a hospital, a school or in their own private practices. Those who choose the private practice route get to experience the personal satisfaction that comes with owning one’s own business and reap the unique rewards of being one’s own boss. They are able to blend this personal success with the professional satisfaction of helping others improve their quality of life through hearing better.

Luckily for audiologists, that mission is not only becoming more common, but necessary.  

Nearly every state requires newborns to be screened for hearing loss and to receive early treatments and intervention services if necessary. As medicine and hearing healthcare technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, these screenings will improve and more audiologists will be needed to conduct these tests.

Also contributing to the audiology’s stabile future is the aging baby boomer generation. As the baby boomers continue to move into and past middle-age, quality hearing healthcare services will be in high demand.

Becoming an audiologist requires the completion of a bachelor’s degree, preferably in communication sciences or a similar course of study, and a doctorate in audiology.

To learn more about the profession, click here.


Update: Audiologist was ranked as the second least stressful job in Forbes’ 2015 list of the top 10 least stressful jobs. Forbes reported the median salary for audiologists in 2015 to be $69,700—an increase from the 2013 average of $66,600—and projected a growth of 34% for audiologist positions by 2022. 


Last updated: January 15, 2015


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