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What Can Your Eyes Tell You About Your Ears?

Published: 11/20/2013

Last Updated: 10/09/2017

retina scan to identify hearing lossBrian Applegate, Ph.D., director of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University, stated recently that the technique used to create images of one’s retina is now being repurposed to identify hearing loss.

Hearing loss, vertigo and disequilibrium are a result of damage to the inner ear and are hard to identify with standard MRI and CT scans. Using a technique called optical coherence tomography, or OCT, images of the inner ear can be taken in high detail.

This method is similar to an ultrasound, but uses light waves instead of sound waves.

According to Applegate, this technique can be used to not only diagnose hearing loss, but also to discover the cause. He believes this will be important in developing future treatments.

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