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Hearing Healthcare Professionals Look to the Future with EarQ and Widex

Published: 06/28/2017

Last Updated: 10/19/2017

The hearing healthcare industry is undergoing significant change, but EarQ members are ready to face any challenge ahead. A recent training with Widex discussed the innovative programs and strategies available to these independent practice owners.

EarQ hosts event for audiology practice owners

From June 20-22, EarQ and Widex held an exclusive training event for EarQ members. The three-day event was held in Syracuse, New York, where the EarQ headquarters is located.

As EarQ’s technology partner, Widex backs EarQ’s mission to support the independent practice. Together, the partnership hosts events for EarQ members, so they can educate themselves on what’s new in the industry as well as the latest hearing technology. At the event, EarQ members got an in-depth look at how they can best fit Widex technology to their unique patients.

This focus on individualized care is a major reason why EarQ is committed to independent practice owners. In today’s marketplace, consumers can get hearing devices online, and possibly over-the-counter in the near future. Ed Keller, President of EarQ, explains why this puts patients at a disadvantage.

“Identifying and treating hearing loss is not as simple as a transaction,” says Keller. “Independent practice owners have the skills and education necessary to provide patients with the quality care they deserve. We are making sure they have the resources to reach those patients before the competition does.”

EarQ has a number of innovative programs to connect more patients with independent practices. One program is the EarQ 360, a plan that maps out members goals in 30-60-90 day increments. In Q1 of 2017, members participating in the EarQ 360 program received four new patient contacts per month. Members participating in both the 360 and Iris, EarQ’s internet strategy, received an average of 6.67 patient contacts per month.

EarQ will be hosting more member events in the fall. For more information on these events or EarQ’s services, please call 866-432-7500.


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